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Frequently Asked Questions

  • A secure online facility to pay any of your bills online
  • Saves you from writing and posting cheques
  • Review your online Payment History print or reprint
  • Pay all your bills from the Bank Account which you enroll
  • Permits you to review what's outstanding and pay your bills while travelling
  • You have full control over the amount you pay (No automatic direct-debit)
  • Earn Magna Reward Points for every bill paid and cheque written
  • View your Payment History
  • One easy enrollment process
  • It's a dedicated service so it's really easy to use.

Each biller who accepts payments through SurePay have different methods to access them. You are required to enter your Account Number in the exact way that each biller requests it. When you attempt to link each bill shown, (In Red text), will be the required format in which you must enter the bill. For example if the biller requests that you leave out dashes from the number or leave out a check-digit then simply enter the number without the dash and omit the last number of their bill.

Yes you can link all your bills bearing your Surname without being enrolled for SurePay Online. You will however be blocked after 40-days of evaluation. If you enroll at any time after first linking all your bills you will not have to re-link these bills. All your bill associations will be saved for you.

If you have not yet enrolled for SurePay Online you can give us a test drive by evaluating its functionality. You may do this and link all bills to your Account which bear your Surname. If the Address or Name listed with the Utility biller does not carry your Surname you will not be able to link you bills until you enroll for the SurePay Online service.

To add an Account with SurePay Online you are required to generate a Mandate with the relevant information as stated on the Enrollment Form which we have provided you. Or you can generate your own Mandate Form online and print it. You must fill out the Form as we can only process Enrollments via a paper application since we are required to keep your Enrollment on record by Law.If you want to change your Bank Account Number you are asked to produce the new information to the SurePay Online office. This information will have to consist of New Account Number, and the information on a recent Bank Statement of this New Bank Account Number being used.

No, bill payments via SurePay Online are free.

The privilege of writing online cheques is at your discretion however, not all Customers possess Bank Accounts with cheque privileges. If you enter an online cheque SurePay Online handles all of the logistical tasks of sending that cheque to your desired payee. By the next working day SurePay Online will prepare your cheque, place it in an envelope with the appropriate payment stub from you, apply a first class postage stamp to the envelope, address the envelope and send it to the General Post Office on your behalf. In addition, we will pay the Automated Clearing House settlement charges for the transaction, maintain a payment record on our website as payment confirmation and reward you with Magna Points for using the service. If you prefer to offset the hassle of preparing your own cheque and mailing to your payee then this is absolutely your discretion as is all other payments using SurePay Online.

SurePay Online has focused on giving its Customers what they've asked for. We have differentiated our service for those of the banking community in the following ways:-

  • You can see your bill balances each month without having to search for each bill, this is a great benefit when travelling abroad and is not available through the banking websites.
  • You can use any Bank Account from any Bank to register your funding account. This gives you the flexibility of getting a complete bill payment service irrespective of who you bank with.
  • We've provided you with a clean uncluttered website without all the complexities of banking so once you register your bills, everything is just one or two clicks away. And you don't have to refer to your paper statement to pay the bills either.
  • You get Magna Rewards for enrollment and for each transaction made through SurePay Online. The Banks do not offer any Customer rewards for bill payments.
  • SurePay Online is a dedicated bill payment service so we communicate with our billers in almost real-time mode. This means that your bills get paid quickly and you can avoid disconnections. Commercial Banks generally process your biller payments at the end of day or after weekends.
  • SurePay Online can process reconnection fees, over-payment or part-payment which is sometimes not possible when paying through Commercial Banks.
  • You can pay your gardener, the mechanic or your plumber through on-line cheques without the hassle of finding your cheque book, locating an envelope, a stamp and addressing and posting the payment. SurePay Online handles all of this for you.
  • If you experience a problem or require a payment receipt or re-print of the receipt, then you can easily retrieve your payment history for reference or re-print.
  • Some people may not have a cheque book attached to their account so this way, you can write online cheques without the necessity to have a cheque book.

Your Bank Account Information is Sacred, that is why we treat your information with the utmost attention to security and confidentiality. Your Bank Account will be entered into our secure computer system in order to establish bank routing details. Once entered, this information is never visible to any SurePay Online employee or operator. The information is always encrypted and cannot be altered or reviewed once entered. For this reason, if you provide us with an Incorrect Bank Account Number, we must re-process your enrollment as we cannot research the cause of the enrollment error. Many Customers are reluctant to disclose their Bank Account Number to any person even though SurePay Online guarantees its protection. Please be advised however that you disclose your Bank Account Number and your Name and Demographic Information to unknown individuals each time you write a cheque or use your credit card. Your Bank Account Number and your Bank and Branch are fully disclosed on your cheques. If you are unable to determine your Bank Account Number at the time of enrollment, then simply attach a VOIDED cheque to your SurePay Online Mandate Form and we can register this Account for you. Please ensure that the cheque is completely VOIDED.

Banking Regulations Mandate that SurePay Online must keep on record a Physical Mandate from you signed in ink for any approved activity on your Bank Account. We therefore require you to sign this Customer Mandate in order for us to enroll you.

No. Once you have linked your bills or setup your bills they will appear every time you log-on to SurePay Online unless you select "Setup My Bills" and Remove the particular bill from your Account. If any bill has been removed, it can be re-linked at a later date.

Yes you can. Once you have been given the Account Numbers for those persons whose bills you wish to pay then you can simply add them to your list and pay their bill for them. This allows you to pay bills on behalf of your family as well as maybe an apartment block. Remember though that the funds will be removed from your account so you will need to be reimbursed by these individuals.

If you have checked out our website you would have observed the unique benefits of SurePay Online, particularly the ability to see all of your bill balances on one website and pay any person at any time while always gaining rewards. There is no queuing and you can do this from home or abroad. But you cannot make a payment unless you enroll therefore we give you a trial period of 40 days from the date of your first test-drive. After this period, we are sorry to inform you that these benefits are suspended until you enroll.

For first-time enrollments we initially set our payment limit for you to $2,500 per month. If you try to make accumulated payments for more than this amount in any given month then we will restrict those payments and ask you to contain the bills paid to within the $2,500 limit. If you would require the ability to pay bills which will accumulate to greater than $2,500 in any month, then please give us a call beforehand and we will be able to adjust your monthly limit to suit your spending requirements.

At present we are containing this service to within the operating St. Lucia Commercial Banks and for transactions conducted in St. Lucia only. If you are a foreigner who for example, owns a house in St. Lucia but resides outside of St. Lucia, then SurePay Online is ideal for you. You will first need to establish a local bank account and then you can register this account with SurePay Online so that you can view and pay your bills from the comfort of your home abroad.

Absolutely. But the adjudication process will need to follow the By-Laws of the Company so the enrollment process might be a bit more involved. Please call our support staff at (758) 456-6500

You may have received an enrollment package in the mail or you can generate this exact enrollment form by choosing the "Enroll" button and printing off your personalized form and download instructions. Once you have made and corrections to the form and entered your bank routing information, you can send this enrollment to us in any of many ways:

  • Bring it in to us at the SurePay Head Office at J E Bergasse and Company Ltd., JEB Bldg, Vide Bouteille, PO BOX 102, Castries, St. Lucia
  • Post it via the mail to SurePay Online, J E Bergasse and Company Ltd. JEB Bldg, Vide Bouteille PO BOX 102 Castries, St. Lucia

We will process your enrollment immediately and once approved, you will be sent an e-mail directing you what next to do in order to set your password and other security information. You are then ready to enjoy SurePay Online benefits.

Certainly! Simply visit surepaybillsonline.com and choose enroll and then enter your friend or in-law's information and you can create an enrollment form for him or her.

You can reach us by visiting us at SurePay Online, J E Bergasse and Company Ltd. JEB Bldg, Vide Bouteille, PO BOX 102, Castries, St. Lucia or you can call us at (758) 456-6500 or you can send us an e-mail at surepay@jebergasse.com.

Our SurePay Online Website is called surepaybillsonline.com you are actually using the Website now.

Currently we only permit one Bank Account to be associated with your SurePay Online Account.

SurePay Online immediately settles your biller transactions so as to ensure that you Utility Accounts are paid on time. The settlement of the payment through the banking system however occurs at timed intervals. If your bank indicates insufficient funds at the time of settlement, then the amounts sent to the billers will be immediately reversed thus reinstating your balances with the billers. There will be a $10.00 charge for this reversal transaction to cover bank charges and this is consistent with bounced or returned cheques. It is always best to ensure that you have enough funds in your account to settle your biller commitments and in order to save the $10.00 fee. When you pay third parties through a SurePay Online cheque, we will generally generate this cheque on the following day after we have confirmation from the Bank that you have sufficient funds in your Account to facilitate the cheque.

You may have overpaid your Biller Account in the previous month which will bring your Account Balance to a negative balance. In this case, SurePay Online will display the amount due by you to be $0.00.

All enrolling Customers with SurePay Online have to be adjudicated through a standard banking process to ensure that your requisite bank routing information is correct and functional. The process incurs a charge to SurePay Online by the clearing commercial bank connected to the Barbados Automated Clearing House Services Inc. This charge of $10.00 covers Adjudication Fees, Secure Account Setup, ACH settlement and System Encryption.SurePay Trinidad charges are $40 for ACH setup and administrative charges and is a one time charge.