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What are the benefits of paying my bills at a SurePay payment centre?

SurePay takes the hassle out of bill payments. Imagine one location where you can go to pay all your bills, no driving to individual biller offices, waiting in line after line after line. SurePay is a one stop shop for all your bill payments. Our payment centres are conveniently located in all the major malls and supermarkets which offer extended opening hours beyond the regular 8:00AM to 4:00PM biller offices. More locations, longer hours of operations, all my bills in one location…. Now that is convenience!

What guarantee do I have that my payment will reach the biller?

You will be issued with an official SurePay receipt which will identify the billers, the accounts and the amounts paid. This receipt can be presented at any of our biller offices as proof of payment at a SurePay payment centre.

How soon will my payment reach the biller?

The payment remittance times will vary for each biller however SurePay will guarantee that all payments made on a particular day will reach the biller’s office on that very same day.

What bills can I pay?

You can pay any of our twenty-one (21) billers at our SurePay payment centres. View Billers

Can I pay bills in arrears or due for disconnection?

Yes, the SurePay system is in constant communication with the billers' systems so your account will be updated the same day.

Where can I pay my bills?

You can pay your bills at any one of our thirty one (31) convenient locations. View Payment Centres

What payment methods are available at the SurePay payment centres?

You can pay your bills using cash, cheques or local debit cards at select locations.

How can this service be offered for free?

MASSY TECHNOLOGIES is the company that owns the SurePay solution. MASSY TECHNOLOGIES has partnered with the utility and services companies to offer a bill payment solution for the Caribbean. MASSY TECHNOLOGIES works directly with these companies to make sure your bills are ready to be paid at one of our convenient, secure, locations. And best of all, these companies pick up the tab.

Quality and the SurePay Guarantee

Are my payments guaranteed?

As the recognized leader in the ITC industry in the Caribbean, MASSY TECHNOLOGIES backs our reputation for security and reliability with a rock-solid guarantee. Thanks to the SurePay Guarantee, you can be assured that your electronic payments are safe and reliable. If you suspect fraud, simply notify SurePay properly within 2 business days of the suspected unauthorized transaction.Read Our Privacy Policy

What if a payment does not arrive to my billing company on time?

SurePay will bear the responsibility for any late-payment-related charges should a payment arrive after its due date, as long as the transaction is in accordance with the service's terms and conditions. Read Our Terms & Conditions Policy

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